Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel
Barenaked Ladies
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driving home to be with you
the highway’s dividing, the city’s in view
as usual, I’m almost on time
you’re the last thing that’s on my mind

I wish I could tell you the way that I feel
but tonight is the night I fell asleep at the wheel transcosette


we as a society need to start talking about abusive friendships, bc those exist and seem to be really common

and most people in them dont know how do deal w the abuse bc its normally emotional abuse which.gets delegitimized, and its a platonic relationship and not a romo or sexual one, so it gets delegitimized for that too katnisstrinket

You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u . yourackdisciprine


A recent trend on RTE (Irish TV) chat shows - random audience members turning to stare into the cameras during audience cut-aways. notordinaryfashion

Prada S/S 2015


Prada S/S 2015 wienerlicious

mad4s4hatter: tyaene

A collection of known Dorne Houses (requested by danytargarayen and halemcjoel) icarly-official


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